Mandell Gisnet Center Taking Part in Monterey County Gives – Donate Today!

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Why are we so committed to helping? Back in 2007, a double homicide occurred in Carmel Valley.  This shocking tragedy erupted as a result of a dispute between two property owners.  The legal community was hit hard, as one of the deceased was a respected attorney, and the other was his wife, also a respected and loved member of this community.  The Mandell Gisnet Center, with the guidance of the Monterey Superior Court, mobilized and posed this question:  What can we do to intervene in neighbor disputes before they become ugly and even life threatening?  With the help of the local bar, the courts, law enforcement, and the Monterey College of Law, the MGC’s “Neighbor Project” was launched in order to intervene before disputes escalate or end up in court.  We guide people to come up with their own creative solutions to problems, something that cannot always happen within the constraints of the legal system.  We are also dedicated to assisting veterans who find themselves in disputes caused by difficulties assimilating back into civilian life.  We do this for a nominal handling fee, and we also train community members on how to mediate conflict.  Yes, we do conflict!  Or, maybe it is better to say we “undo” it.

Your gift of $10 or more will help us continue our mission of a safer and more peaceful Monterey County.  Please support us through “MC Gives”  today.  All gifts should be made payable to The Community Foundation, or better yet, click herebefore December 31st. Even a small gift counts in a big way through MC Gives.

We thank you in advance for your support of the Mandell Gisnet Center at the Monterey College of Law.